TechBSM Weekly Schedule


uncharted & campus groups

UNCHARTED is our Wednesday Night Worship time followed by Campus Groups. Campus Groups are small groups designed to encourage, equip, and challenge you to live on mission on the campus of Texas Tech.  

First UNCHARTED of 2019 will be January 16.

UNCHARTED is at 8pm each Wednesday.

We are currently meeting in Holden Hall Room #4 during the construction of our new building.


on campus Wednesdays

We hang out on campus every Wednesday from around 10am to 2pm passing out everything from bottled water to hot chocolate (depending on the weather). 

Our times on Wednesdays are great ways for us to be present on campus and to meet a ton of new people. Just being available has led to opportunities to pray, encourage others, and share the gospel. 


Free lunch

We are starting to serve FREE LUNCH on campus every month in the Free Speech area on campus. We are doing this during the time we are without a building.

Next Free Lunch on Campus is Tuesday, March 26 starting at 11:00am until supplies last.