Baptist Student Ministry

Texas Tech University


we are in construction

A new BSM building is going to be opening in the Fall 2019. This means that we are under construction as they are tearing down our current building in order to build the new one in the same location.

So for the next few months, we will have some offices at 2301 13th Street (just a block away).

Check out what our weekly schedule looks like now as our weekly activities are located in various places.


BSM Leadership Team

Our goal is to impact the world! So will you join our 2019/20 leadership team in helping us do this?

By becoming a part of the leadership team of TechBSM, your presence will play a vital role in changing lives. It won’t always be easy, but who wants to always do the easy thing?

The leadership application is online below along with other info about joining our team.

each week @techbsm

Check out our weekly schedule! There are plenty of ways to join us in growing in the mission of God and serving the campus. 

Want more info or to visit personally about who we are at BSM?

Our Location

During construction we are located at 2301 13th Street at the corner of 13th & W (2 blocks behind Varsity Bookstore)