Getting Connected!


Connect with us...

One of the best ways to get involved with us is to be a part of our Wednesday Nights which we call UNCHARTED (8pm @BSM). A major part of our Wednesday night meetings are our CAMPUS GROUPS. These are our small groups where the Bible is discussed and though about in regards to what it means to follow Jesus. Great relationships are made in campus groups as well. 


We also encourage you to serve the campus with us as well. To follow Christ is more than a Bible study. This is not to say that studying the Bible is not important. To follow Jesus means to love Him and to love others. This means we are to serve, care, and sacrifice for others and tell them about the goodness of God! There are places of Leadership, but there are other ways to serve as well whether that be on a mission trip or handing out free coffee on campus. 

For more info about getting involved in any of these areas, contact