What is Missions?

Missions is not just another thing we do, it is THE THING we do! It's who we are. We take seriously Jesus' mission and His call and command for us to "make disciples of all nations." This involves us caring and sharing the gospel with our next door neighbor and those across the globe. 

GoNOW Missions

GoNOW Missions is our mission program in which you have opportunity to serve all over the world. Positions are available during semesters, Christmas break, and summers and last everywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months. For more info, log into www.gonowmissions.com. 


Spring Break

Every Spring Break, and sometimes even over Christmas break, we are engaged in missions. This past Spring semester there was a team of students that went to Houston to reach out to Internationals. In May, there will be a team of students going to Del Rio, Texas & Acuna, Mexico.