New Texas Tech Baptist Student Ministry Building

Tech BSM exists to impact the students of Texas Tech University with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The BSM building serves as a pivotal role in our vision. It is in our building that students gather to hear the gospel and to be trained and sent out to share the gospel on campus and beyond. A new BSM building secures the future of Tech BSM and it's investment in students who end up living all over our nation and world, seeking to "make disciples of all nations." 

We are almost at our goal of $3.3 Million! 

Due to a matching donor gift, we are only $600,000 short of our goal!!! This is a great time to give for as you do, ever dollar will be matched. This means if you give $1000, it will be matched with another $1000. 

How YOU Can Impact Students at Texas Tech University

Your financial gift towards our new building will make an impact on generations of college students!