Getting Connected @ Tech BSM


How do i get connected?

We at TechBSM want to get to know you! For us, it's bigger than you just coming to UNCHARTED, joining a Campus Group, or attending a FREE LUNCH. All these things are good and we want you to attend them, but it's not just about coming to a meeting. 

For us, it's about relationships. Now it's true that coming to our events is the start of us getting to know you, but it doesn't end there. We want to connect with you in order to encourage and challenge you in your relationship with God. We were not made to live the Christian life alone. 

So come join us on a Wednesday night or at Free Lunch, but also take some time to hang out and allow us to get to know you. Join a Campus Group. Join us on campus some Wednesday morning.

Most importantly, we hope you connect with us we serve the campus of Texas Tech. We believe our mission is to impact the world and for us, that starts right where we are...Texas Tech! So join us us! Become a part of one of our leadership teams or serve with us in some other way. Bottom line: we want to connect with you!